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What we can do to help

Pests are a problem that you can't ignore. Just one American cockroach can produce as many as 150 offspring in its life span. A female bedbug can lay as many as 5 eggs a day! Oftentimes, once the problem is noticeable by humans it has reached the level of an infestation.

Don't let a pest infestation make your home or business uncomfortable, or worse yet, unsanitary. Call us and we will make your space livable again.

Don't try this at home

The reason there are so many remedies for the common cold is because none of them work. The same can be said for over-the-counter pest control.


Not only are these quick fixes  ineffective, they are unsafe if used improperly. Don't put your family or pets at risk. Hire our professional exterminators who are trained to use the right methods in a safe way.

What sets us apart

You want an exterminator who knows the area and the pests unique to it. For example, did you know there are THOUSANDS of species of termites alone?


Don't trust your home to a national chain. Pick an exterminator that knows the insects unique to the Visalia and Tulare areas. Chose a pest control professional who has lived and worked in the Central Valley for twenty years.


Call today to reclaim your home from pests!



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