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Keep your family and pets safe

A rodent problem is not only unsanitary, but unsafe for you and your family. Rodents  carry some of history's worst diseases ranging from the bubonic plague (which still exists) to typhus. Further, their fleas transmit even more diseases. And, above the health risks to people, rodents can be fatal to your pets if eaten.

You can't easily tell how severe your rodent problem is. Most rodents are nocturnal and naturally fear bright, open spaces. Let us diagnose the severity of the problem and rid your home of rodents before they put you, your family, or your animals at risk.

Leave it to the experts

While there are many effective mouse and rat traps on the market, you will not prevent an infestation by catching  one or two.


Let us root out the rodents in your home. We know what to look for. Take advantage of our knowledge of how rodents nest, scavenge, and breed to ensure that your home is a safe place to live.

Don't wait

Don't be tempted to let your rodent problem go undiagnosed. If you  think you have seen rodent droppings, gnawing on molding or cabinets, or tracks, you need to act now.


Trust the safety of your home to someone from your neighborhood. Let us put put our 20 years of experience in the Central Valley to work for you.


Call today to reclaim your home from pests!




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